Wedding Bells

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Performing tonight at Kerry and Marc’s wedding at

First dance song ‘Wings’ by Birdy

Let’s get emotional! Love a wedding! What’s your favourite first dance song?

Frozen – Let It Go

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Click this link to view Jenna’s video of her singing Frozen – Let It Go

Click Here -> ‘Frozen – Let It Go

After lots of practising I thought I would give singing Let It Go a shot…. It’s a tough song to sing so I felt I might need some help. Thank you to a beautiful young girl called Marnie she was so amazing and helped me sing. The little star.

Let It Goooooo!

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I have been asked a few times now with regards to my set list and repertoire if all I provide is what is listed on my website.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you be interested in a slightly different service to what you see advertised on my website.

My website looks professional and I like to provide a professional service, but as a person I care more about making you as happy as you can be with your event.

Just drop me an email or phone call and we can discuss what you are looking for 🙂

It’s Chriiiiiistmaaaasss!!!

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Do they know it’s Christmas time at all

It’s chriiiiiiisstmaaasss!!! Well, very nearly! It’s Christmas spirit my end as this time of year I start to run through all my favourite Christmas songs to perform to you all.

Without looking at my repertoire! Can you guess what ones I sing?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hit The Road Jack

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Hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more no more no more no ore hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more

Are your toes tapping!? I love this song!!! It brings back great memories from my childhood, my father in particular would sing this song as he loves this genre of music.

I play this in my breaks and without fail I see people start dancing. So…should I perform it? Or should I play it?

Alive and Kicking!

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Iiiiiim still standing better than I ever diiiid

Can you feel me singing that?! What another crazy busy year of singing! I just wanted to let you all know I haven’t forgotten you I’ve just been too busy to blog but don’t think you are going forgotten.

I have added some new songs to my repertoire to keep up with the latest hits of today – can you tell what they are? Did they make you sing them out loud?!

What’s your favourite song? Is it in my list? Tell me if it isn’t I wouldn’t want to dissapoint you!!!!

I’m still staaaaaanding yeah yeah yeah

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Rushmore Golf Club

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I just wanted to say a personal thank you to the guys at Rushmore Golf Club, their guests were fantastic – all members booked to be entertained at the Rushmore Christmas Do and I was lucky enough to be their singer for the night.

I was pretty much on the dance floor just as much as they were! I took a video of everybody dancing, they were so good I really need to start putting some videos on here for you to see for yourself! One day I shall get round to it, but it is so hard when you are out singing all the time! Anyone know anyone with a camera?!

Please see my latest feedback on my testimonial page which is from the main manager at Rushmore 🙂

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Don’t Believe Me Just Watch!

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Uptown Funk Gon’ Give It To Ya!

What a song for the start of 2015! With 7 weeks at number one in the UK charts I am sure enough adding this song to my set list and I am pretty certain I will be seeing people dancing away to this one on the dance floor I love it don’t you? Even the grandma loves it!

Don’t believe me just watch!

LIVE! On Phoenix FM!

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logoI was contacted through my website by Xanthe Bearmen, an Essex Radio DJ/Presenter who asked me to provide her with a recording of me performing an 80’s song to play on her radio show called ‘Greaties’, an eighties show on Phoenix FM.

I of course replied to advise I was more than happy to help, but what I thought could be even better was for me to actually head down to Phoenix FM and perform a live song, live on radio! I offered this to Xanthe who was more than happy to have me, so I headed on down the Phoenix FM and performed my very own live version of the 80’s song ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’.

I had such a great time and would like to thank everyone at Phoenix for having me. For those who missed me, have no fear as I have managed to grab a live recording of me on the radio for you to hear. I have added this to the music sound clips on my website.

I shall let you all know of any future radio air time.


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Personal Post

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It has been a while since I have properly updated my blog section on my website, mainly because after my weekends of performing all I have been doing is travelling back and forth to the Harefield Hospital in Harefield, near Maple Cross just outside of London, to visit my mum who has just gone through major double lung transplant surgery!

The surgeons/doctors/nurses and Harefield cannot do enough for my mum. She was on the list for approx 1 year before having a second call and a set of lungs coming available that were of good enough health to be accepted for transplant. I think we are at something like Day 23 or 24 now, the days all blend into one after a while! She has had some ups and downs and some set backs in healing and moving forward, but we are all positive that she is going to pull through this and we are all staying strong together for her.

I wanted to write this blog to show my support to Harefield Hospital, to transplantations and to raise awareness of the need for organs and donars in this country.

You do not automatically become a donar, you must opt into being a donar off your own back and you genuinely change peoples lives in doing so…trust me I have seen it! To become a donar please visit this link for information

I wonder if one day our country will automatically opt you in to becoming a donar and then if you wish to opt out you could do so. I would like to think that so many people would donate but just simply do not find the time to register to be a donar, if only people did not have to register…..This is what the NHS are currently fighting for and to read further information about this, feel free to click the link

I shall update you on my mums progress in my next spare moment! Happy breathing x

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