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Alive and Kicking!

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Iiiiiim still standing better than I ever diiiid Can you feel me singing that?! What another crazy busy year of singing! I just wanted to let you all know I haven’t forgotten you I’ve just been too busy to blog but don’t think you are going forgotten. I have added some new songs to my […]

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Personal Post

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It has been a while since I have properly updated my blog section on my website, mainly because after my weekends of performing all I have been doing is travelling back and forth to the Harefield Hospital in Harefield, near Maple Cross just outside of London, to visit my mum who has just gone through […]

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Help For Heroes Christmas Charity Night

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Early December I performed for the Help For Heroes charity, in particular for their Recovery Centre based in Merville Barracks, Colchester. The charity works hard to raise money for the recovering soldiers who have returned from battle and each year they also put on a Christmas banquet and hand out Christmas stockings to the soldiers….as a thank […]

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Help For Heroes

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I am extremely honoured to have been contacted by Chavasse VC House Recovery Centre in Colchester, to help support the Help For Heroes charity and perform for all of the recovering soldiers who have returned from war, now fighting to get back to normal every day life. There are five recovery units in the whole of […]

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Fright Night AaaaAaAhhhHHHHH!!!

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Hello Everybody, I went Fright Night at Thorpe Park yesterday and I certainly was not singing….I was SCREAMING!!! Wooooowee the rides are out of this world have you been there before? If you enjoy being catapulted into the air, being spun upside down and jaulted from left to right then you are 100% guaranteed to […]

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Wow what a summer! SO busy it is unbelieveable… time to update my website but as the sunshine is creeping behind the clouds now, it is time to catch up on all the things I have being letting slide…one of them being chatting to you guys! I hope you have been enjoying your summer…..I certainly […]

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Demo Inside!

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Hello Everyone, Inside this blog I have included a clip of me singing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Anybody who watches Twilight will have heard of this song and although I am personally not a Twilight fan I am officially a fan of the song! I created this demo for a couple who have […]

The Flu Bug!

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If only I had a Flu Bug gun and could shoot any germs that fly my way!!! I am a walking germ, hot and cold flushes…I am sure at the moment if you aren’t ill yourself, that you know of someone who isn’t well! It seems everybody is struggling to avoid this horrible germ. Tragically, […]

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Penny For Your Thought’s

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I think that you can learn a lot about people, when you listen to the songs that mean something to them… I’m listening to (and singing along to) Jessie J – Price Tag What about you?  

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A Reflection

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Hello music lovers! This mighty fine blog of mine needs an update! Well its a Sunday, and its MISERABLE outside! I am absolutely shattered from my show last night…I was singing my lungs and heart out and really gave it my all, especially to the song Sweet Child Of Mine, it was my last song of the night…people were on their […]

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