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It has been a while since I have properly updated my blog section on my website, mainly because after my weekends of performing all I have been doing is travelling back and forth to the Harefield Hospital in Harefield, near Maple Cross just outside of London, to visit my mum who has just gone through major double lung transplant surgery!

The surgeons/doctors/nurses and Harefield cannot do enough for my mum. She was on the list for approx 1 year before having a second call and a set of lungs coming available that were of good enough health to be accepted for transplant. I think we are at something like Day 23 or 24 now, the days all blend into one after a while! She has had some ups and downs and some set backs in healing and moving forward, but we are all positive that she is going to pull through this and we are all staying strong together for her.

I wanted to write this blog to show my support to Harefield Hospital, to transplantations and to raise awareness of the need for organs and donars in this country.

You do not automatically become a donar, you must opt into being a donar off your own back and you genuinely change peoples lives in doing so…trust me I have seen it! To become a donar please visit this link for information

I wonder if one day our country will automatically opt you in to becoming a donar and then if you wish to opt out you could do so. I would like to think that so many people would donate but just simply do not find the time to register to be a donar, if only people did not have to register…..This is what the NHS are currently fighting for and to read further information about this, feel free to click the link

I shall update you on my mums progress in my next spare moment! Happy breathing x