Pharrell Happy

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Pharrell – ‘Happy’ quite possibly one of the simplest yet absolutely amazing songs of our time!

All around the world people are creating their own ‘happy’ clips to view on YouTube, shows how fantastic the song is. Whenever I hear it it genuinely does what it says on the tin, it makes me feel so happy! I have added this song to my set list….

Happy Days ūüôā

Carole’s 60th Birthday Party!

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A huge shout out to Carole’s granddaughter Mila who absolutely LOVES the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell….one of my personal favourites too!

I learnt and performed the song especially for the little 18 month old Mila who unfortunately could not help me sing along to the song! But as soon as I started performing it, she was up and dancing on her little tootsies, she was adorable! And it was my pleasure!

Carole’s 60th Birthday Party was a huge success and please see my testimonial page for feedback from Carole and her husband Geoff.

Thanks for having me!


Imelda’s 50th Birthday Bash!

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Well, Imelda’s party on Saturday night was not just to celebrate her 50th! She and her partner announced to their guests that they recently wed in secret and that the party was to also celebrate their marriage together! So sweet and so many cuddles and kisses going around, not often this many kisses and cuddles¬†witnessed at birthday parties I must say! The atmosphere was fantastic, champagne aflowing and with fellow irish guests we danced away on the dancefloor to some irish music requested by Imelda herself.

It is so lovely when my guests request particular songs to be played leading up to their celebration, on the night you never know how much the songs mean to them until the moment you play them. The songs Imelda chose were songs played on her wedding day and once I announced the meaning behind these songs, the dancefloor was literally jam packed and everybody was celebrating that beautiful moment with the happy couple. Oh and celebrating her 50th birthday of course! ūüôā

A huge congratulations to the happy couple and a very happy birthday to Imelda.

Next I am off the Wales for Roy’s 50th birthday party…..I shall keep you all updated with how that goes.

Over and out!

Jenna x

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Happy New Year!

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What is your new years resolution? Mine is to sing more! If that is possible! And what better way to kick the new year off than singing right up to the countdown to 2014.

I was booked to perform at a gorgeous hotel called The Inglenook Hotel in Bognor Regis for new years eve. The venue had a huge dining area, dance floor and bar section with speakers throughout the venue so in every area you were seated you could hear me singing my lungs out which was fabulous. My radio microphone gave me the ability to dance my way around the building too, so I got to see all the new years eve party goers dancing and having a great time. There was even a couple of people I managed to get to sing down the microphone and made everybody give them a good cheer for doing so too. What a fab atmosphere for new years eve, all the staff dressed in fancy dress and were really enjoying themselves too.

This year I am already booked to perform at lots of new venues, lots of wedding bookings in the summer and parties throughout the year so if you are looking to hire a singer, feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to discuss how I can be of help to you.

Have a wonderful day.

Jenna x


Headstone Tennis Club

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I was lucky enough to perform down at Headstone Tennis Club for their Christmas Dinner/Dance. Now this Tennis Club know exactly how to party! They were non-stop on the dance floor and when it came to the end of the night they were literally putting up a protest to make me sing one more song! My Christmas songs went down a treat and thank you to you all for singing along to them! We gathered round in a circle to kick our legs singing Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York New York’ and one¬†man grabbed the microphone and performed the rest of the song! He was amazing! I have the pics to prove it haha, I have pasted a couple into this blog but I have a whole album’s worth of photographs if you click on my ‘Photo Gallery’ on my website you can view them all there.

Thank you Headstone for making my lead up to Christmas a time to remember ūüôā

DSC_0208 DSC_0121 DSC_0216 DSC_0120

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Help For Heroes Christmas Charity Night

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Early December I performed for the Help For Heroes charity, in particular for their Recovery Centre based in Merville Barracks, Colchester.

The charity works hard to raise money¬†for the recovering soldiers who have returned from battle and each year they also put on a Christmas banquet and hand out Christmas stockings to the¬†soldiers….as a thank you for¬†the work they have carried out and to lift spirits.¬†Well, lifting spirits is where I came into it, travelling down to perform for all the soldiers and people who work at the centre and what a privilege it felt. You could truly¬†sense the morale and the positive team spirit from all the guys, who pretty much were just looking forward to having a good old party! And that is what we did! I had them all up singing on the microphone and dancing away to some classics that night and I have the pictures to prove it! I have pasted them into this blog for you to see.

I would also like to say thank you to Steve, the Manager of the centre who kindly took the time to write some feedback for my website, which you can view on my Testimonials page.

Thanks for having me Merville Barracks, any future charity events be sure to count me in!

Jenna ximage002 Jenna 1 Jenna 2 Jenna 3

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Help For Heroes

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I am extremely honoured to have been contacted by Chavasse VC House Recovery Centre in Colchester, to help support the Help For Heroes charity and perform for all of the recovering soldiers who have returned from war, now fighting to get back to normal every day life.

There are five recovery units in the whole of the UK, but I shall be performing specifically for Chavasse VC House which is based at the Merville Barracks in Colchester. This is their annual Christmas dinner/dance where kind donations from the public,¬†in the form of Christmas stockings,¬†are handed to soldiers whilst they¬†enjoy their Christmas dinner¬†and to end the night they have¬†a¬†huge party to celebrate their¬†past year….that’s where my job comes into it!Fundraising ISO

I feel very privileged and extremely fortunate to be performing for the charity, it is going to be a fantastic evening and moving forward I hope to help towards other charity events held in the future..

To find out more information about the recovery units, please click the link below

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Brand New Recordings!!!!

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Well hello there! I would like to wish you all¬†a warm welcome¬†to¬†my brand new recording!! Hot fresh off the press from the weekend! I have been working/singing extremely hard to provide an entertaining medley that demonstrates my vocals on some of the freshest pop hits of today. From the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, Rihanna and many more… can view this sound clip on my music player on my website, I have titled it ‘New*’ to help it stick out. Or you can click play on the link here ->

Please let me know what you think, what your favourite songs are and most importantly if there are any songs you think my repertoire is missing….just give me a shout and we can chat about music and our favourite artists ūüôā

I hope you are all having a fantastic sing song of a day…..feel free to sing along with me!

Jenna x Studio1Studio2




Top Of The Pops

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If anybody remembers Top of The Pops like me??? Then you would wish it back on television! A bit of nostalgia for you all this morning as I reminisce about the past TV hit show which had all of the latest artists performing their latest hits in the charts and the major countdown to number 1. Oh how I miss those years!!

Just like Top Of The Pops….I need to keep up with the charts too, which is why you may see I have recently added some top chart hits to my repertoire page…look in 10’s and you will see them at the top of the list. I am also heading down to the recording studio to create a new medley of latest chart hits to display on my website and for you all to listen to me. Its great me saying that I sing them, but you need to really hear me singing them don’t you! So have no fear you can hear in just a couple of weeks.

Are there any chart hits you think I am missing? If so I am very keen to hear from you and so just drop me a message using the Contact Jenna page and maybe we can reminisce about music together! ūüôā

Have a fab day


Fright Night AaaaAaAhhhHHHHH!!!

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Hello Everybody,

I went Fright Night at Thorpe Park yesterday and I certainly was not singing….I was SCREAMING!!! Wooooowee the rides are out of this world have you been there before? If you enjoy being catapulted into the air, being spun upside down and jaulted from left to right then you are 100% guaranteed to have the time of your life at Thorpe Park!

And to top it off it was Fright Night!!! We didn’t bother queuing, the queues were extensive and at least a 2 hour wait for getting into each Fright Night maze, there just isn’t enough time in the day to wait. We bought fasttrack tickets and got right to the front, where you stand in a long line, hands on eachother’s shoulders ready to walk through each maze filled with scary rooms, people, situations that make you SCREAM! I must have jumped out of my skin at least 10 times! The maze’s were created to be based on scary horror films such as My Bloody Valentine and The Blair Witch Project. There was a maze called Saw and well, at the end you literally get chased out of the maze¬†by someone¬†carrying a chainsaw ready to hack you to death! Very scary! But hilarious and full of fun. Do go Thorpe Park if you haven’t been before, you will have the fright of your life!!!!!

Its a bit early, but I am in Halloween spirits! Happy Halloween everyone and you may see me singing at an event near you mwahahahaha!!!


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