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Essex Wedding and Entertainment Singer Jenna Quinn

Jenna has been involved in many different types of projects in the music industry and this has led to her gain of well over ten years worth of performance experience. From being a member of a girl band and duo project, to becoming the manager and lead singer of a live three piece function band and today she is known for her many successes as a solo vocalist.

Jenna is currently signed to the American dance music record label Robbins Entertainment, known for releasing some of the biggest dance hits of today from acts such as Cascada, DJ Sammy and September. You can find Jenna's vocals on Ministry Of Sound compilations today. Please visit Jenna's Biography section to read more about the projects she has been involved in. Jenna has taken her past performance experiences and incorporated them into what can be clearly seen throughout her live performances of today.

professional Essex Singer

Jenna's Comments

"Hello there and welcome to my website! I love to perform and can honestly say I have not stopped singing since birth! I have had some great achievements, but the biggest rewards for me are the opportunities I get to make people dance, make people sing and make people smile. I perform as often as I can and want to leave as many people as possible with just a small taste of how live music can really make you feel. I hope my website answers all your questions, but please feel free to contact me should you have any queries at all."