• jenna quinnJenna really is an amazing talentjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnThe choice of songs was perfectjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnHer high energy and amazing voice kept everyone on their feetjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnShe was amazing, singing and dancing, she got most people upjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnGot many compliments on the music & her respectful mannerjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnWhat a nice change it was to have a live singer at a partyjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnWe cannot recommend Jenna highly enoughjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnJenna oozes personality, has a distinctive voice & delivery stylejenna quinn
  • jenna quinnSo impressed by her professional attitude and sheer enthusiasmjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnHer bubbly personality shonejenna quinn
  • jenna quinnThe guests were amazedjenna quinn

Complimentary Music Package

Essex vocalist weddings parties eventsJenna′s complimentary music package is offered to all her clients and is the perfect alternative to booking a live DJ. Using software called ‘Virtual DJ’, Jenna keeps the atmosphere going by providing music in-between her live sets. Whether you require slow background music or an up beat disco, the software holds an extensive library worth of songs and has the ability to mix one song into the next leaving no breaks or pauses. Jenna welcomes song requests leading up to your wedding day, to ensure just the right music is played for your occasion.

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