• jenna quinnJenna really is an amazing talentjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnThe choice of songs was perfectjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnHer high energy and amazing voice kept everyone on their feetjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnShe was amazing, singing and dancing, she got most people upjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnGot many compliments on the music & her respectful mannerjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnWhat a nice change it was to have a live singer at a partyjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnWe cannot recommend Jenna highly enoughjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnJenna oozes personality, has a distinctive voice & delivery stylejenna quinn
  • jenna quinnSo impressed by her professional attitude and sheer enthusiasmjenna quinn
  • jenna quinnHer bubbly personality shonejenna quinn
  • jenna quinnThe guests were amazedjenna quinn

Gold – Ultimate - Daytime & Evening Entertainment Combined

This package is generally suited towards weddings - Jenna will remain with you throughout the entire course of your special day. Working as your employed entertainment host leading up to your event, so when your big day arrives you can feel confident enough to just sit back, relax and take in those special moments. It is important to know that you have somebody on hand, who knows exactly how you want things to pan out. Jenna will be there on standby by to ensure that all timings, performances, speeches and announcements are delivered immaculately and in such a way that on your big day you can forget about any unsettled nerves and untied knots.

Live music performances can be provided throughout meal courses and also at your chosen evening venue – it's your big day and the choice is truly yours. Working together as a team, using Jenna’s experience as a performer combined with understanding your needs as a client, you can create just the right entertainment for your special day.

jenna quinn
  • 3 week call (Please see Packages page for full details)
  • Complimentary Music Package (Optional)
  • Lighting Equipment (Optional)
  • Sound check and performance timings as requested
  • Full use of Jenna’s microphone for any speeches and announcements
  • Maximum stay till midnight

Contact Jenna to start discussing your requirements and to get ideas flowing today.

Jenna's Comments
If you are imagining how you want your entertainment to be on your wedding day, then I am here to help bring all your thoughts and ideas to life. Working together, we can make your entertainment truly unique and memorable.