LIVE! On Phoenix FM!

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logoI was contacted through my website by Xanthe Bearmen, an Essex Radio DJ/Presenter who asked me to provide her with a recording of me performing an 80’s song to play on her radio show called ‘Greaties’, an eighties show on Phoenix FM.

I of course replied to advise I was more than happy to help, but what I thought could be even better was for me to actually head down to Phoenix FM and perform a live song, live on radio! I offered this to Xanthe who was more than happy to have me, so I headed on down the Phoenix FM and performed my very own live version of the 80’s song ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’.

I had such a great time and would like to thank everyone at Phoenix for having me. For those who missed me, have no fear as I have managed to grab a live recording of me on the radio for you to hear. I have added this to the music sound clips on my website.

I shall let you all know of any future radio air time.